Complete Hands Up Vol. 3

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- 8 Hands up construction kits
- 400 wav samples
- 40 Midi files + FL projects
- 42 Drum hits
- 30 Fx sounds
- 1,33 GB unzipped content
- Available formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

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  • About Complete Hands Up Vol. 3

    We proudly present 8 new Hands Up construction kits from Axamathic. As previous two parts this is a widely developed construction kits set divided into 'slow melody', 'break melody' and 'main melody' sections, which correspond with corresponding parts of the tune that can be made of our ready samples. As a bonus in Complete Hands Up Vol. 3 there are 30 additional sound effects.


    Slow Melody section can be used as an intro or slow down between choruses. It builds calm and more emotional atmosphere.
    Break Melody section is designed to connect the Slow Melody and Main Melody sections. It breaks the slow and emotional mood int an energetic chorus.
    Main Melody section is dedicated to be the most energetic part of the tune.

    Multitrack Midi Samples

    Each of 8 arrangements is written into 4 multitrack MIDI files: Slow Melody, Break Melody, Main Melody and Full Track. Thanks to that you can freely modify each melody and use different sounds from your favorite synth VST or an external hardware instrument.

    More information about previous parts:

    Full specification:

    • 8 Hands up construction kits
    • Tempo: 140 BPM, 142 BPM
    • 400 wav samples
    • 40 Midi files
    • 42 Drum hits
    • 30 Fx sounds
    • 8 FL projects
    • 1,33 GB unzipped content

    Available formats: WAV & AIFF (+ MIDIs)

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